Would you like to be able to view your home or business from wherever you are?


Would you like to be able to view your home or business from wherever you are?

You can view through your phone, laptop or tablet to give you total peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for security measures to keep your property safe, or to advise you who is visiting or delivering to your home or business we have the system for you.

The CCTV cameras we use are vandal proof and work in ultra low light. They are high definition and have auto-focus. They come with a minimum of 12 months guarantee.

Did you know?

We have been installing CCTV for over 10 years and seen many changes in this technology.

CCTV is now used for a host of applications including:

  • Security
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Health & Safety

and is utilised by homeowners, businesses, schools, the leisure industry and many more. With our experience we can recommend and install the correct cameras and system for you.

Here is UNV, just one of the brands we use………



Uniview’s (UNV) game changing IP security solutions will change the way you look at CCTV. From Turrets, to Bullets, to PTZ’s, there is something for every CCTV installation in this range. The 4-128 channel Network Video Recorders offer a reliable recording solution and are all ONVIF compatible.


Uniview’s 1080P Starlight technology provides crystal clear colour images in extremely low light conditions. The starlight camera range has the most sophisticated lens and shutter camera advancements available on the market.

Corridor mode

The corridor mode function allows the camera to maximise surveillance in narrow vertical situations such as hallways, tunnels, always and on modes of transportation such as trains.

120db WDR

Wide Dynamic Range functions allow the camera to capture and display both bright and dark areas in the same frame. Without this function, bright areas can become overly saturated and dark areas will appear too dark.

12VDC Output

Uniview dome cameras provide a 12vDC output that is taken from the PoE supply. This output can be used to power ancillary items such as alarms and audio devices (model specific).

Ultra 4K HD

4K is an imaging technology that quadruples the number of pixels found in a full 1080P HD picture. To put that in context, a standard full HD TV will display in 1920/1080 pixels whereas the 4K displays 3840×2160 pixels


Industry leading IP67 rating keeps dust and water from entering the camera. Applies to specific models IP66 as standard.

Auto zoom/focus interface

UNV autofocus cameras utilise an integrates zoom & focus platform. This allowed the cameras to be configured from the NVR reducing installation time and costs.

Multi streams

All of Uniview’s IP camera range support multi-stream technology. This allows the camera to encode three streams all at the same time.

Easy Upgrades & cloud services

You can upgrade the IP camera firmware directly from the NVR. Keep all of your NVR’s up to date with the latest firmware by upgrading the NVR directly over the internet.


UNV’s optimised deep compression technology reduces bandwidth by up to 95%. Using Intelligent Region Perception to detect motion in each frame, the scenes containing interesting information could be preserved while the other relatively static areas such as lawns and white walls could be squeezed to save storage.

Smart Search

Smart search technology allows the user to quickly find specific movements within the recorded footage.

So there you have it! Now try and find a reason why you shouldn’t buy a UNV product!

Bring outside in…

A CCTV camera will give you the security and confidence you are looking for…