Cabling and data networks

Maintaining the integrity of your network with professional, fit for purpose cabling, and a data cabinet to house all your equipment.

Centralising your broadband router, network switch, CCTV, TV and home audio equipment.

We can also make sure you have enough network points fitted in the right place around your home or office and terminate them back into a patch panel.

The network cabling can be used for HD TV distribution, Wi-Fi access points, computers, printers, network storage, telephone systems, access control and much more.

Did you know?

This ability to integrate all your appliances has become a ‘must have’ for many homes and businesses.

We are all time-poor and struggling to get your devices to work together on a proper network is a priority; managing that integration via a data cabinet is a sensible way of doing this.

New homes being built are often pre-wired back to central locations which can often leave you with an untidy mess of wires, not always in the place that is most practical for you. These can all be bought neatly and logically into a data cabinet, so you can quickly identify wiring for each location and make your life easier should you want to introduce new services.

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