Internal phone wiring, broadband wiring and fault finding

Phone points and fault finding

Internal phones, wiring and fault finding

Do you need additional phone points?

  • Are you moving into a new-build and need your additional phone points connected? BT will only connect the master phone socket, the others are your responsibility.
  • Have you internal faults on your telephone line that are affecting your calls or broadband connection speed? Fault finding is something we can help you with.
  • We install and service a variety of phone and home access control systems, for security.

Did you know?

BT is only responsible for the line that enters your property, any fault that appears, that is unrelated to the entry point is your problem, not theirs.

So what does that mean for you?

If BT checks your line and says it is fine at the point of entry to your property, and you are having issues with faulty phones or broadband connectivity, it is down to you to find out what the problem is and solve it yourself. That’s where we come in!

We have had years of experience in tracking down issues that have proven elusive and can solve most problems for you.

Need more phone sockets or battling with broadband problems?

It’s frustrating when your phones are in the wrong place or your broadband provider says it is a fault on your line and BT disagree…