Wi-Fi and 4G Home Broadband

If you have complex or poor connectivity, we can help.

WI Fi Taunton

If you have complex or poor WiFi connectivity, we can help.

Many people live in homes with poor Wi-Fi coverage; this can be due to the size of your home or the thickness of your walls. We can create seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home or business inside and out, so wherever you are, the signal is great!

Slow broadband speeds at home? Try super fast 4G home broadband.

Not only has mobile broadband become faster, it has also become more reliable. This has made it a viable solution to many areas that suffer from slow landline broadband.

With our years of experience in mobile broadband solutions for the commercial world, we have now brought this knowledge and technology into your home.

Did you know?

That you can set up 4G connectivity throughout your home, using a 4G antenna and router. This means that all the equipment you use to connect to the internet, including phones, tablets, TV’s and games consoles can access this super fast mobile broadband connection.

If you are struggling with your current broadband speed, access, and reliability, give us a call and we can help you find the right solution for you.

Using your 4G data to quickly?! Always topping up?

With our IT experience, we will configure your home network and devices to maximize your data allowance to help it last the month.

Contact us if your Wi-Fi signal is poor or your broadband is slow!